Krush Technologies and MoveoPlus Bring World’s First Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Simulator to Market

DAYTON, Ohio, Nov. 14, 2016 – Krush Technologies, a provider of technology products that create and enhance human connections, and MoveoPlus, a provider of dynamic, user-controlled virtual reality experiences, today announced a collaboration to make Moveo, the world’s first fully-immersive virtual reality (VR) simulator, commercially available. Moveo was developed by Krush Technologies and as part of the agreement, MoveoPlus will lead efforts to bring the simulator to market.

Moveo is a revolutionary full motion and 360 degree free-rotation virtual reality simulator that projects users through fully immersive 3D worlds, flying them through space, while they experience the gravitational pull of objects nearby. The simulator is compatible with Sony PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and other head mounted displays (HMDs) and future developments will include multiplayer game modes, social, and online interaction experiences.

“While virtual reality may be in its infancy, Moveo was developed to highlight the possibilities of a future with more deeply connected humans and machines,” said JP Nauseef, CEO, Krush Technologies. “Moveo demonstrates new, unforgettable experiences that result from merging the physical and virtual worlds in a way that’s never been done before.”

The Moveo virtual reality simulator initially attracted international attention at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2016. MoveoPlus and Krush Technologies are now partnering to make Moveo commercially available.

“The possibilities for Moveo are endless, and we believe it will be a real game changer in the entertainment, tourism, and education industries,” said Tommaso Boralevi, Innovations Director, MoveoPlus. “The unique, immersive experience that Moveo provides is unlike any other VR simulator in the market. Beyond the obvious gaming and entertainment markets, Moveo will become an asset to brands, enabling them to create truly memorable experiences for their fans – to drive interest and engagement, and ultimately impact sales.”

Krush Technologies builds experiences that span the physical and virtual worlds, hardware, software, and engineering. Its products leverage mobile video – combining artificial and emotional intelligence, augmented and virtual reality. In addition to the development of Moveo, Krush’s suite of mobile applications include ooVoo, the world’s largest independent video chat platform with 160 million users worldwide, Flinch, Heystax, and Emotit for President.

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