First NYC Moveo Location Open to Public at VRWorld

After traveling across the nation in 2017, the first Moveo unit to arrive in New York City is now open to the public at VRWorld – the largest virtual reality center in North America.

Neighboring the Empire State Building, VR World transports visitors from the bustling streets of NYC to a boundless universe of virtual reality through dozens of unique experiences spanning across interactive gaming, music, art, and science.

The building’s two active floors packs around 50 games, films, and experiences, hand picked to smash the barriers keeping the world from diving inside virtual reality

  • Vice | Creators Project

Guests interested in trying Moveo can buy exclusive Moveo flight passes at the door, or combine a flight pass with an unlimited 1-day VR World pass to catch a glimpse of all the latest VR technology hosted at VR World. For more ticket information, visit VR World’s official website.


Moveo is a revolutionary full motion and 360 degree free-rotation virtual reality simulator that projects users through fully immersive 3D worlds, flying them through space, while they experience the gravitational pull of objects nearby. The simulator is compatible with Sony PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and other head mounted displays (HMDs) and future developments will include multiplayer game modes, social, and online interaction experiences.