Moveo is Going to Hollywood

MoveoPlus will be bringing the Moveo Virtual Reality Simulator to Hollywood for the very first time, showcasing the platform during VRTL, An intimate, invite only AR/VR thought leadership summit taking place April 26th in the historic Paramount Theater. Following the event, the Moveo VR simulator will be permanently hosted at Paramount New Media Lab, a new Virtual Reality showcase space at the Paramount Studios.

This year’s installation of VRTL will focus on VR in entertainment and games. Discussion will be centered around topics related to raising capital for VR developers and the technical challenges associated with creating VR content. There will be a series of roundtable discussions and keynotes, geared towards keeping the conversation at a deep level of expertise. Speakers will include executives from key industry companies such as Paramount Studios and Walt Disney, alongside venture capital firms, VR creatives, and industry thought leaders.

Once in the Paramount New Media Lab, MoveoPlus will serve as the core hardware platform. Companies and individuals interested in experiencing the Moveo VR Simulator first hand may contact MoveoPlus in order to schedule a private demo.